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For those who make crafts and those who just love to buy them - THE GREAT NEW ZEALAND CRAFT SHOWS are New Zealand’s most popular and exciting indoor craft events. Held at locations throughout the country from North Shore to Invercargill, they give craft-lovers everywhere the chance to meet directly with our nation’s most talented craftspeople, artists, artisans and designers.  

Each NZ CRAFT show is built on a foundation of great crafts, handmade in New Zealand. “Meet the maker and buy direct”  is the our philosophy, that is as true today as it was in 1983 when the business was founded.

Each show features hundreds of the nation’s most talented artisans, who have assembled for 3 days to exhibit and sell their wares. Complimenting the finished crafts are hobby and craft supplies for those who want to make their own. The Great NZ  Craft Show experience is enhanced with dozens of specialty gourmet foods available for sampling and purchasing.

To date Great NZ Events has held over 406 craft shows, and attracted more than 4.17 million visitors, with craft sales in excess of $105 million.

Please see our 2014 itinerary opposite.

We hope to see you there.



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Previously run by sister and brother team, Fiona and Kim Dunkley from Christchurch, The Great NZ Craft Show has now been bought by Eventful Solutions, which is owned by Hayden and Jakkii who have 20 years combined event experience.The first show was held in 1983 based on the American craft show concept and was carefully researched and adapted to suit the New Zealand craft industry. 31 years later and the shows’ popularity is confirmed time and again with an enthusiastic public and a very talented line-up of exhibitors.


Win over $1000 worth of prizes

There are a range of amazing prizes that you could win: from small door entry prizes, free tickets to one large prize made up from items donated by exhbitors worth over $1,000!

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